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Enjoy the beach, the girls and a good, clean fight!

(Screenshots from the PC version)

Even the moon gives a great place for some combat!






* This is the very first tiny bit of BERMUDA BYTES, the Adventure! - Requires >3DVIA-player



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Design Concept / >Game Concept / >Credits

The design concept of "MONKEYS of DOOM" is actually older than the game concept. To be precise: What came out as a fierce First Person Shooter was originally planned as a harmless 3D point-and-click adventure...

You can inspect the (buggy) building-site of that by clicking >here (you'll be asked to install the "Virtools" plug-in first, which I'm pretty sure won't do any harm to your system). But don't expect anything like a story or great interaction! There's one dude strolling around naked and one lying drunken on the ground (also naked). - Where have all the women gone?!

... But back to the design. It's based on two commandments:

1. Have as few lines as possible.

2. Let those lines run parallel as often as possible.

I started like this:

(click on the images to enlarge them)

Although my memories are a bit blurry on the exact occasion, this was most likely drawn in a pub...You can see a triangled shape on the upper left, which comes out as the woman...

... and a more rectangled one on the right which evolved as the dude:

- Looking closer, the beer marks on the paper indicate that this was indeed drawn in a pub;-)

And that's what a 3D-application made out of it!

This is "Monkey"...

... in all it's cartooney gloriousness...

... the skeleton "Karl"...

... still Karl ...

... and the nameless stranger "Bob", not build in 3D yet.

Well, not much more than that to create a "Wilko"-style cartoon-combat player. - Try it out for yourself!



Game Concept / >Credits / >Design Concept

With time more and more people seemed to get bored of fighting and killing senselessly inside dark post-apocalyptic dungeons. So I found it time to offer them the opportunity to fight and kill senselessly in some brighter, toonier places. That was the moment "MONKEYS of DOOM " came to life, at first a 3D cartoon mod on idtech 3 engine (Quake III Arena).

Next was a little donut-shaped island, build to load in then-brand-new idtech 4 (Doom 3). Two pretty aggressive monkeys were making that place quite uncomfortable. But that was nothing compared to the next map, "Mgib-Gib's Maze", where unfriendly native Mr. Mgib-Gib was having nothing in mind than trying to turn your inside out.

Meanwhile the friendly guys over at >id software released idtech 3 under General Public License (GPL) which gave me the opportunity to release MoD as a stand-alone game. - THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ID SOFTWARE!

Only one more step and we've come to where we are now: True 3D-toon technology running on mobile devices! Check out >BIG BANANA BOWL map, especially designed for phone-to-phone combat...



Credits / >Game Concept / >Design Concept

Well, the actual list of people busy with the monkeys is short:

- me.

But there are a lot of other people involved in the progression of MoD who earned themselves a big THANK YOU...

First of all >id-software again - for providing their awesome technology!

Zachary, ZTurtleMan and the whole >ioQuake3 crew for making an awesome game even better!

Connor O' Kane - for inventing that cool cartoon-shading technique used for MoD.

^misantropia^, obsidian, pjw, ALMighty and everyone at >Quake3world for their help and friendly comments,

>Ken 'kat' Beyer for contributing his beautiful "Little Rock" map,

>Stefan 'sst13' Scholz for letting me cartoonize his "Floating Stonefaces" map,

6th Venom, Lloyd Markle, Daniel Schimmer, d3xp, Brain Trepaning, BNA!, rich_is_bored, obihb, jizaboz, Rayne, voldemort, BlackArmsShadow, zl1corvette, klonsemann, Manc, rebb, Kristus, Ivan_the_B and all the other helpful people at >Doom3World,

The Happy Friar, Jube and everyone at >PlanetQuake,

>Olli Hinkka for porting idtech3 to Symbian OS,

Paulius Petkevicious for adding accelerometer-support to that,

Roderick Colenbrander, creator of the No. 1 Android port of Quake 3 (">Kwaak3"),

Seth Kingsley, the maker of >iPhone-Quake3,

Alexander Pick, who managed to bring >Quake3 to the iPad,

Oliver McFadden, the man behind >Maemo-Quake3,

everyone at >quake.de,

all >Symbian-Freaks,

and - of course - all monkey-lovers out there. The last banana is yours!




© Wilko Winkelmann, 2010


Impressum / Imprint:

Wilko Winkelmann

Feuerbachstrasse 38

14471 Potsdam





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Comments & Reviews

- "Definitely THE most FUN map I've ever played!" (>Map Factory)

- "This is pure class (10/10)!" (>Doom3 Files)

- "I just fell in love with the Doom3-engine. This map looks awesome!" (>fpsbanana)

- "Ultimate Wackiness!" (>PlanetQuake)

- "Downloaded installed played loved it!" (>Polycount)

-"5/5" (>Fileplanet)

- "This looks funkier than a hippy wearing a clownsuit!" (>Doom3World)

- "I love the amusing fact that this mod is one of the very few with a wang in it." (>Mod Database )

- "Pros: awesome / Cons: awesome / Improvements: awesome" (>fpsbanana)

- "... a heartwarming lack of seriousness and a good dose of deranged inspiration." (>Games Radar )

Non-English Community

- "Lo sviluppatore Herri W , dopo averci fatto credere di non aver più intenzione di lavorare su altre mappe SP..." (>DoomItalia,Italy)

- "Après les versions pour Q3 et Q4 voilà un essai de cette univers etrange et fun sous Doom 3. " (>PMods , France)

- "In Punkto Grafik, Sound und Kreativität werden einmal mehr Maßstäbe gesetzt !" (>Quake4Maps ,Germany)

- "Потешная модификация под названием Monkeys of Doom. В игре появляется карта..." (>Igromania , Russia)

- "Girando nei meandri di PlanetQuake ho trovato, nella sezione downloads, divertenti novità: Herr W diMonkey Kombat Arena..." (>800A , Italy)

- "juhu...endlich mal wieder ein völlig bescheuerter Mod...ich liebe es....gibt viel zu wenig verrückte Spiele!" (>Quake.de , Germany)


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